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Work with specialists who understands print and packaging


Think Print is staffed by print production specialists with years of hands-on experience getting printed pieces out the door on time, within budget and perfectly produced. Print management by professionals. Simply put, that’s what we deliver.

Lance Kearfott, principal
As the lead at Think Print, Lance bridges the gap between thinking about a new package and seeing it roll off the assembly line. He helps clients get the packaging they need to ship their products at the optimal cost per unit. He works with clients to ensure that the design they’re thinking of adopting can truly be printed as designed, and roll cleanly off the assembly line with a scannable barcode or with the right dimensions to fit into an envelope. Helping businesses arrive at a print or packaging solution that meets all the demands of budget, schedule and quality is Lance’s passion. That, and working with businesses who are as passionate about delivering a great product.


With 25 years of experience in the design profession, Lance brings a profound understanding of manufacturing, fabrication, printing and online production to every project he undertakes. He has solved packaging puzzles for clients such as Microsoft, Drugstore.com, Hewlett Packard, Waterbrook Winery, and Bear & Wolf Salmon Company. He knows what makes sense for a given project, what can be done within a project’s timeline and budgetary constraints and what will save time and money.

Pure and simple, Lance likes to solve print and packaging puzzles.